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Frequently Asked Questions

When would I use ubook?
When you receive an invitation letter for an outpatient clinic appointment and you want to book your appointment date and time online.

How do I return to the login page?
Click on the logo UBook

How do I make my appointment booking?
Go to the Hutt Valley DHB ubook website (
steps to book

What appointments are available online?
Most outpatient clinics at Hutt Hospital. You can view and book appointment times no later than 8 weeks from the date of your letter.

How do I know I actually booked an appointment time?
You will see a Booking Confirmation page like this.

Comfirmation page

How do I view my appointment booking?
Go to the Hutt Valley DHB ubook website, ( and re-enter your NHI and referral numbers (from your letter).

Can I get an earlier appointment?
If you've ticked the "I can come on short notice" checkbox while making a booking, the ubook office will contact you if an earlier appointment becomes available.

Will I get an appointment reminder?

How do I reschedule my appointment booking?
Click on the Reschedule button on the ubook page,
and the next available appointments will be listed for selection.

How do I cancel my appointment booking?
Click on the Cancel icon on the ubook page.
Cancelling an appointment will result in your referral being removed from our system and you will need to be referred again by your health provider, e.g. your GP.
Please note that you may be called by our ubook office staff to confirm your cancellation.

What happens if I don't cancel and don't attend my appointment?
You will be offered a second appointment. If you don't book the second appointment or don't attend that appointment we will refer you back to your GP or health provider.

Can I change the weekday of my appointment?
Not usually, most doctors only hold one specialist clinic a week.

Am I eligible for free treatment?
If you are not a New Zealand permanent resident, click here to find out about your eligibility for free treatment, or phone our Revenue Office team 04 570 9162 for more information.

Remember to bring proof of eligibility (like your passport) to your appointment. You may need to fill out an extra 'Non resident' form during your outpatient visit. If you do not provide proof of eligibility you could be charged for your treatment.

Why am I coming to an Outpatient appointment?
You have been referred to the specialist clinic by your GP or health provider.

Who will I see at the appointment?
The clinic is named after the doctor who heads the team. You may see that doctor and or another health professional from the team. All staff wear identity tags. It's OK to ask if you're not sure who the person is who is talking to you.

How long should I allow for my appointment?
About an hour. If tests are required your appointment may take longer.

Can I bring someone with me?
Yes, it's often helpful to have a family member, friend or support person at your appointment.

Can I have an interpreter?
Yes, please book your appointment time between 9am - 5pm and contact the ubook Team on (04) 570 9555 at least two weeks before your appointment to discuss your needs.

Where do I go for my appointment?
Bring your appointment letter, it will have directions. There are volunteer guides at the Hutt Hospital main entrance who are happy to give you directions. Click here for a map of the campus, including the car parking building.

What is the best way for me to get to the hospital?
Click here for transport options.

Where do I park at the hospital?
Click here for parking options.

Can I book multiple appointments at one time?
Yes, for the same service, ubook will find the earliest set of appointments giving you the option to book these or look for a later time when all the appointments are available.

If a test is required you will be able to book the test first, and it will automatically book your clinic appointment (see below):
Multiple Appointments Booking

Why are my multiple appointments on different days?
Some tests need to be done before your clinical appointment to allow time for the results to be processed and sent to your clinician.

Why are two of my multiple appointments on the same day and at the same time?
Your clinician will perform or be present for some tests, so the clinician appointment booking and the test appointment are on the same date and at the same time.

Why is there a time gap between my appointments that are on the same day?
We value your time and where possible we try to book the appointments on the same day. We aim to have as shorter wait time as is possible between appointments. In some cases time to process or report on results is required before your next appointment.

Is my booking information private and secure?
Yes, ubook is a secure web site.