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Frequently Asked Questions

When would I use ubook?
When you receive a letter for a radiology appointment and you want to book/reschedule your appointment date and time online.

How do I return to the login page?
Click on the logo UBook

How do I make my appointment booking?
Go to the Hutt Valley DHB ubook website (
steps to book

What radiology appointments are available online?
X-ray. You can view and book appointment times up to 2 weeks from today's date. Your referral is valid for 6 months from the date you received it.

How do I know I actually booked an appointment time?
You will see a Booking Confirmation page like this.

Comfirmation page

How do I view my appointment booking?
Go to the Hutt Valley DHB ubook website, ( and re-enter your NHI and Booking numbers.

How do I reschedule my appointment booking?
Click on the Reschedule button on the ubook page,
and the next available appointments will be listed for selection.

How do I cancel my appointment booking? cancel button
Click on the Cancel icon on the ubook page.
Cancelling an appointment will result in your referral being removed from our system and you will need to be referred again by your GP.

Who will I see at the appointment?
You will be x-rayed by a radiographer. Your results will not be available until the specialist Radiologist has reviewed your x-ray. Results will be sent to your Doctor. All staff wear identity tags. It is OK to ask if you are not sure who the person is who is talking to you.

How long should I allow for my appointment?
About half an hour.

Can I bring someone with me?
Yes, it's often helpful to have a family member, friend or support person at your appointment. But they may have to wait in the waiting room while the x-ray is taken.

Can I have an interpreter?
Yes, please book your appointment time between 9am - 5pm and tell the Radiology staff upon arrival that you require an interpreter.

Where do I go for my appointment?
Our Radiology Department is located at:

Main Entrance
Ground Floor
Heretaunga Block
Hutt Hospital

The following is a map. You can click on it to see the entire hospital campus map.

Please also bring your referral with you. There are volunteer guides at the Hutt Hospital main entrance who are happy to give you directions.

What is the best way for me to get to the hospital?
Click here for transport options.

Where do I park at the hospital?
Click here for parking options.

Is my booking information private and secure?
Yes, ubook is a secure web site.